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Demand a secure border now.

Demand Congress to Secure the Border

Right now, our borders are being used as gateways for drug cartels, terrorists, and violent criminals – every day adding to the astounding 12 to 20 million illegal aliens already in this country.

Independent worker

Protect the Freedom and Flexibility of Independent Contractors

Join us as we work to make it easier for more Americans to get back in the workforce, protect your and other independent contractors’ livelihoods, and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Bring American Mining Home – Support the Stibnite Gold Project

Bring American Mining Home – Support the Stibnite Gold Project

Not only will the Stibnite Gold Project stimulate local economies with new revenues and hundreds of well-paying jobs, but it will create a domestic supply of gold and antimony, two minerals critical for American national defense and which are currently imported from China and Russia. It’s a big problem that has been overlooked. Until now.

Hands off our money

Stop Banks From Bowing To Liberal Extremists!

Liberal extremists like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez (AOC) can’t get their socialist agenda through Congress, so they’re bullying big banks to do it for them.


Ditch the Switch: end Daylight Savings Time!

Inconsistent, state by state, departure from DST could be chaos. We need to ditch it nationally, consistently and quickly!

Shot of two young women using a laptop together in a college library

Protect 120,000 Pell Students From Congressional Discrimination

The Senate will soon begin debate over the $2 trillion economic revitalization bill that will politicize Pell Grant access by discriminating against one million students who choose the career and proprietary schools that are excluded from the planned Pell expansion.

take action before antisemitism strikes again

Take Action Before Antisemitism Strikes Again

Across the nation there has been a rapid rise in antisemitic attacks. Jewish students live their lives under constant threat. You can’t wait until after an antisemitic attack occurs to organize. Sign the petition to stand in solidarity with the Jewish people and combat antisemitism.

Oppose the giant pot growing operation in Bonita

Say No To A Giant Marijuana Grow Operation In Graham Countyr

Please ask our elected Graham County Board of Supervisors to respect our voters and the will of our people. After all, Graham County rejected the legalization of recreational marijuana by the largest margin in the state, 57% to 43%. Now a company called Bayacan is making questionable claims about tax revenues and jobs, all in an attempt to sway our Supervisors in favor of a giant marijuana growing operation.

Protect Free Speech

Protect Free Speech. Support Senate Bill 12.

Texan’s freedom of speech is a fundamental right that is under attack. Senate Bill 12 will protect free speech online and rein in Big Tech. Sign to support the passage of Senate Bill 12.

Protect Free Speech

Protect Free Speech. Support Senate Bill 7072

Florida has an opportunity to be a leader in protecting free speech online. Senate Bill 7072 will protect the online marketplace as well as establish transparency and accountability for liberal Big Tech companies while protecting conservative free speech.


Changing Jail Management Will Increase Costs and Endanger the Community

Urge Delaware County Council Members to retain the current management team to save taxpayer money and continue safe, effective jail operations.

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