Protect our Troops: Stop China’s Control over U.S. Military Goods

Right now, China, one of our nation’s biggest rivals, has dangerous control over America’s military. China is either the sole or primary supplier of a number of minerals we depend on for defense manufacturing. This precarious reality would give China leverage if there was an armed conflict and puts our military at risk. 

One of the minerals China controls is antimony. Currently, the United States has no domestically mined source for this critical mineral. Antimony is used in munitions, flares, precision optics, and infrared sensors. 

By not producing antimony at home, we are relying on foreign countries to provide us with the resources we need to keep our brave men and women safe. This is unacceptable. 

We have an opportunity to safely and responsibly mine antimony in Idaho. A significant amount of this mineral, along with a world-class deposit of gold, still remains at a site that was mined to support our troops during World War II and the Korean War. 

Mining company Perpetua Resources needs your support to advance its Stibnite Gold Project and secure America’s supply of antimony. 

Sign the petition to tell regulators at the U.S. Forest Service we need the Stibnite Gold Project to keep our troops and country safe. 

U.S. Forest Service, 

America cannot rely on China and other foreign countries to keep our military safe. 

Right now, we have the opportunity to protect the brave men and women who serve our country by permitting the Stibnite Gold Project and securing a domestic source of antimony. We owe it to them to move this project forward. 

Antimony is used in munitions, flares, precision optics, and infrared sensors. It is irresponsible of us to rely on our global rivels to provide America with some of its most important minerals. 

Perpetua Resources has developed a plan to mine the area safely and responsibly. The project will not only provide our troops with mission critical minerals, but it will also inject millions of dollars into Idaho’s economy, provide hundreds of jobs to hardworking Americans and generate the funding needed to clean up this historic mining district. 

It is time to protect our troops. It is time for the U.S. Forest Service to move the Stibnite Gold Project forward. 

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